At The London Resilience Clinic our approach to health is different. Led by world-leading Integrative & Cannabinoid Medicine expert Dr Dani Gordon, we specialise in treating complex multi-symptom conditions and dramatically improving our patients’ quality of life.

Who We Help

We treat patients holistically rather than each symptom in isolation. Many of our patients have more than one major symptom including: 

Conditions We Treat

Mental Health

Pain Conditions



How The London Resilience Clinic Began

Our Medical Director, Dr Dani Gordon founded The London Resilience Clinic after a decade of experience treating thousands of patients with integrative medicine and medical cannabis in North America.

Early in her medical practice in Canada she specialised in the management of chronic conditions that did not respond well to pharmaceuticals. She found many patients responded to holistic treatments including nutritional medicine and mindbody medicine approaches alongside drug therapy but found these changes difficult to stick to.

Starting With Medical Cannabis

After adding medical cannabis to her practice, she found even her most difficult to treat patients often experienced rapid relief from symptoms and improved quality of life. Significantly they were more able to engage with holistic treatments, allowing them to continue treatment & recovery long term.

She moved to London in 2018 just as the UK legalised medical cannabis, helping train the 1st UK cannabis doctors and setup the first UK Medical cannabis clinic.  She started the London Resilience Clinic in 2022 to bring evidence-based personalised holistic care and novel medicines to UK patients.

Our Approach

With chronic conditions, most patients have lots of overlapping symptoms. Standard specialists only treat symptoms in ‘their area’, with a pill-per-symptom approach and rarely consider cutting edge therapeutics or cross-field research. This leads to multiple ineffective drugs and fragmented care. You are left trying and researching treatments and managing your overall treatment plan on your own, which is exhausting when you are already not well. Sadly, standard medicine simply isn’t good enough if you suffer from a chronic condition.

‘Connecting the dots’

We help connect the dots, treat overlapping symptoms and root causes together. Integrative Holistic & Cannabinoid Medicine not only makes patients feel better quicker, it helps keep you feeling better with less side effects so you can recover your wellbeing and quality of life, even if a cure for a condition is not yet possible.

Our approach is more developed in North America and is rarely seen in the UK, which lacks a post-graduate doctoral integrative medicine training speciality programme.

Standard Care vs Integrative Cannabinoid Medicine

Standard Care
Integrative Cannabinoid Medicine



All receive same treatment for a diagnosis

All receive personalized treatment

Focuses on standard pharmaceuticals 

Includes holistic treatments, cannabinoid & novel medicines

Focuses on a particular disease

Focuses on improving your quality of life as well as treating your disease

Focuses on narrow blood work tests that often show as ‘normal’

Includes functional more in depth biochemistry & microbiome tests as an option

Separates mental from physical symptoms

Treats mental and physical symptoms together, using a mind-body framework

Our Process

Step 1.
Rapid Symptom Relief With Cannabinoid & Novel Medicines

We start with focusing on Rapid Symptom Relief and improved quality of life using novel medicines including medical cannabis.

Our internal endocannabinoid system (ECS) helps regulate critical biological functions including mood, stress response, pain control, sleep, appetite and mental function.

Cannabis Can Dramatically improve Quality Of Life

Medical cannabis works via this ECS and can often bring rapid relief of symptoms within days with most patients seeing a significant improvement within the first month of therapy across multiple symptom clusters.

Many patients are able to wean down on other medications once medical cannabis starts to help to further improve symptoms and quality of life and reduce unnecessary drug side effects

Step 2.
Long Term Recovery With Integrative And Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine 

Functional medicine testing goes beyond one sized-fits all standard laboratory tests, which often come back as ‘normal’ despite severe symptoms. Functional medicine can identify root causes and contributors of illness & symptoms.

 Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine is a holistic approach that combines the best of personalised drug therapy with supplementation, nutritional and mindbody techniques to treat effectively with less side effects.

Step 3.
Long Term Resilience

We utilise proprietary assessment data protocols throughout the treatment process to fully capture specific functional wellbeing and symptom domains.

We use digital resources combined with expert consultation to build programs personalised to each patient so you can learn core resilience and wellbeing skills most relevant to you and your lifestyle for long term wellbeing

How To Get Started

Book Initial Integrative Consultation

In this Initial 1 hour comprehensive integrative Assessment with Dr Gordon you will receive a full integrative & cannabinoid medicine assessment and a detailed report & treatment plan. If you are interested in medical cannabis and it is recommended, you will then see one of our specialists for the Initial Cannabis Prescription Visit (£99). Dr Gordon will then see you at 30 day follow up after this initial prescription.
£ 349
  • 1 Hour consultation
  • Full Integrative Treatment Plan
  • Medical Cannabis recommendations
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Diet recommendations
  • Mindbody recommendations

Integrative Treatments

Medication Management

Integrative & Cannabinoid medicine doesn’t mean ‘anti-medicine.’ Where needed, we use a personalised medicine approach to find the best medications including novel therapies to help you feel better without unnecessary side effects. Our approach can also reduce the need for medications in many instances by using holistic and natural treatments to maximise efficacy where possible.

Functional Medicine Testing

Functional medicine goes beyond the limitations of standard lab tests to look at the root causes and contributors of illness, ranging from chronic fatigue to digestive issues to brainfog, mood and attentional issues as well as chronic pain contributors. Testing may include nutrient levels, organic acid levels, oxidative stress, methylation and hormone patterns for stress and sleep.

Microbiome Testing

The health of our gut microbiome environment impacts our brain, mental health, immune system, energy and overall health. We use advanced testing to assess for maldigestion/absorption, inflammation, dysbiosis & metabolite imbalances that can impair the gut-brain axis to identify issues & treat to restore optimal function & improve symptoms that may seem unrelated to the gut at first glance.

Genetic Testing​

No one person is exactly the same and now research is showing that due to genetic differences, people can respond very differently to specific medications. We use advanced genetic testing to predict and optimise your response to medications where needed

Mindbody Medicine

We help you use simple, targeted meditation and mindbody techniques to help get control over symptoms, enhance emotional resilience and change patterns of thinking or doing that are no longer working for you​

Psychedelic Medicine

The therapeutic use of psychedelic substances has growing evidence for a number of conditions including treatment resistant depression, ptsd and pain. We can assess if you would be a good candidate for ketamine therapy.  We can also help you navigate what clinical trials for other psychedelic medicines you may be eligible for.

About Dr Dani Gordon MD

Dr Gordon is double board certified in family medicine and integrative medicine and is a Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist Physician. GMC License 7818491.

Dr Gordon obtained her medical degree from the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, London, Ontario, and then completed her Family Medicine speciality at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.

She went on to become American Board Certified in Integrative Medicine (ABOIM) accredited by the American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS).

She speaks internationally on cannabis medicine and integrative medicine and trained the UK’s first cannabis medicine specialist physicians.

She has over a decade of experience treating thousands of patients with integrative & cannabinoid medicine for complex chronic illness and mental health conditions.


Dr Dani's Philosophy

” We are all unique, so our medicine should be too. 

I use a root cause approach to medicine. I don’t just look at each symptom in isolation or use a ‘drugs only’ approach where more medications are added for each new symptom. That approach doesn’t create the most potential for healing. A ‘one-sized fits all’ approach is also bound to fail especially if you suffer from a complex chronic condition or symptoms.

My approach to seeing you as a patient is not just about assessing a specific symptom, diagnosis or disease, it’s about looking at you as a whole and unique person and choosing treatment modalities which are expertly integrated to make your treatment plan work better and support your long term healing.

I am active in mentoring physician colleagues and teaching and I try to live by example too. This includes following nutritional medicine approaches and having a mindbody practice as well as doing my own ‘inner work.’

At the end of the day, we all want to be happy, feel fulfilled and connected to the people and things we care about most. I will work with you to help remove the health barriers to achieving this best self version of you. “