Pre Consultation

  1. Patient recieves booking confirmation email containing following links:
    1. asd


  • Clinican clicks on child ADHD assessment link in dashboard
    • Link is set in Patient List dashboard view
    • Link is set to:
      • <a href=”[2306 show=ID]”>Child ADHD</a>
  • Child ADHD 1 page
    • Child ADHD Assessment form 1
      • Form user id value set to [get param=patient_user_id]
      • Default field value is report from : TBC
      • Form submit redirect url value set to: (4791 is the id of the user id field in that form)
        •[4790 show=ID sanitize_url=1]
  • Child ADHD 2 page
  • Child ADHD 3 page