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World Leaders in Holistic Care

World Leaders in Holistic Care

Our team, led by world-leading expert Dr Dani Gordon, specialises in the holistic treatment of ADHD and other chronic conditions as well as providing holistic GP services, lifestyle & longevity medicine using the latest integrative & functional medicine diagnostics and treatments.
Holistic care is also about personalised treatments taking into account individual variation in responses to treatments and treats the person as a whole.  
Our mission is to improve your resilience and quality of life, help you manage your health better & ‘connect the dots’ through personalized holistic integrative medicine treatment programs.

We Specialise in the following areas:

  • Mental Health Conditions including ADHD, depression, bipolar, anxiety and insomnia
  • Chronic fatigue spectrum illness including CFS/ME, chronic lyme and long covid
  • Chronic pain conditions including fibromyalgia  & EDS
  • Autoimmune conditions & MCAS
  • Type 2 diabetes & metabolic syndrome
  • Burnout Syndrome

World Leaders in Holistic Care

Adult ADHD is the most common neurodevelopmental disorder, affecting up to 10% of adults and it is often not officially diagnosed until adulthood, although the symptoms have been present since childhood.

The difficulties associated with ADHD as an adult impact almost every aspect of life including relationships, work performance, self esteem, energy levels, mood and daily life functioning ability. Dealing with ADHD on your own can lead to feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, especially if you have tried at least one treatment that didn’t help or have been unable to get an assessment that looks at the whole picture.

How Holistic Treatment Can Help

A holistic adhd treatment approach can dramatically improve your quality of life, reduce core symptoms as well as improve mental fatigue, sleep and stress to help you become a happier, calmer and more balanced version of yourself.

No two people with ADHD are exactly alike, which is why personalized treatment is so important. Often people with ADHD struggle in other areas of their health too, so looking at all the symptoms together and addressing root causes as well as considering novel medicines and prescribed combinations of medications with nutraceuticals can make a huge difference.

Initial Holistic ADHD Assessment

The first step is getting a comprehensive integrative holistic medicine assessment for ADHD with Dr. Gordon. In addition to assessing core ADHD symptoms and areas, other areas of mental and physical health will also be looked at in a holistic manner, as many symptoms overlap and affect each other when you have ADHD. You will get a holistic integrative medicine treatment plan that goes beyond just medication. This is extremely important since although medication can be an important part of treatment, on its own it is often not the whole solution, especially if you have other symptoms too.

This holistic approach includes diet and microbiome, mindbody medicine & brain training, supplements and nutraceuticals, medications (including if appropriate, stimulant medications, cannabinoid medicines and non-stimulant medications). This approach to treatment is more common in North America, where Dr. Gordon trained and practiced for a decade before relocating to the UK.

Formal ADHD Diagnosis Psychiatrist Assessment & First Prescription of Stimulant Medication

If you have not yet been formally diagnosed, you must receive a formal ADHD assessment and report in order to get a diagnosis and start stimulant medication. This formal report can then be shared with your NHS GP.

After this has been done and once stable on a medication if included as part of your treatment, we can then create a shared care plan with your NHS GP so you can receive your medication on the NHS to reduce the ongoing costs of medication and care.

If you do not wish to try a stimulant medication or do not feel it is necessary to receive a formal psychiatric ADHD report for your NHS GP, you can still receive holistic adhd treatment including other medications, diet, functional medicine testing and microbiome testing, mindbody and brain training approaches and environment optimisation strategies as well as effectively treating common comorbidities such as anxiety, low mood, mental fatigue and sleep difficulties.

Find out how Holistic treatment with novel medicines can help you get better.