World leading Holistic, integrative and functional medicine Treatment

Dr Dani Gordon is a recognised leading expert in integrative & functional medicine with over a decade of experience as a specialist in these areas & as a holistic GP.

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World Leaders in Holistic Care

World Leaders in Holistic Care

Our team, led by world-leading expert Dr Dani Gordon, specialises in the holistic treatment of chronic conditions as well as providing holistic GP services, lifestyle & longevity medicine using the latest integrative & functional medicine diagnostics and treatments.
Holistic care is also about personalised treatments taking into account individual variation in responses to treatments and treats the person as a whole.  
Our mission is to improve your resilience and quality of life, help you manage your health better & ‘connect the dots’ through personalized holistic integrative medicine treatment programs.

We Specialise in the following areas:

  • Mental Health Conditions including depression, bipolar, anxiety and insomnia
  • Chronic fatigue spectrum illness including CFS/ME, chronic lyme and long covid
  • Chronic pain conditions including fibromyalgia  & EDS
  • Autoimmune conditions & MCAS
  • Type 2 diabetes & metabolic syndrome
  • Burnout Syndrome

Our Process

Step 1.
Rapid Symptom Relief With Novel Medicines

Novel botanical medicines influence multiple biological functions and often bring rapid relief of symptoms within days.

Most patients see a significant improvement within the first month of therapy across multiple symptom clusters including mood, fatigue, stress, pain, sleep and mental function. 

Novel Medicines Can Dramatically improve Quality Of Life

Many patients are able to wean down on other medications to help to further improve symptoms and quality of life and reduce unnecessary drug side effects.

Step 2.
Long Term Recovery

Once initial symptoms are relieved, we develop a personalized holistic long-term treatment plan, since even two people with the same diagnosis can need different things.  This can include:

  • Drug therapy  
  • Functional medicine testing – advanced tests to identify root causes of symptoms such as microbiome testing, brain-gut axis function, methylation pathways and hormone levels 
  • Nutritional medicine –  personalized therapeutic diets, supplements and botanicals.
  • Mindbody medicine – meditation, relaxation response training, biofeedback.
  • Lifestyle medicine – sleep, exercise, work/home environment.

Step 3.
Long Term Resilience

Resilience is the ability to adapt and bounce back in the face of challenging circumstances.

The ability to reduce distress, both mentally and physically enhances your quality of life & activates our inner potential for healing.  Resilience can always be improved regardless of your medical diagnoses. 

Our virtual platform gives you access to holistic tools and resources as part of your treatment to enhance your resilience further, manage your holistic health & see your progress over time so you can get better and stay better.

About Dr Dani Gordon MD

Dr Gordon is a London based double board certified medical doctor and world leading authority in Integrative and Cannabinoid Medicine.

She is considered the UK’s most experienced cannabis clinician having trained many of the UK’s cannabis doctors and treated 1000s of patients with medical cannabis with over a decade of clinical experience in integrative & cannabinoid medicine for the treatment of chronic illness.

She has spoken at the UN, delivered medical cannabis practice recommendations to Downing Street, is a Founding member and vice-chair of the UK Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, Policy Advisor for the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group and has been featured in the Sunday Times, The Guardian, BBC News, Channel 4, Vogue and Marie Claire.

She is the author of the CBD Bible a Guide to Medical Cannabis and The Resilience Blueprint.


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