Onboarding 3 – Sign Shared Care Agreement

Shared Care Agreement

London Resilience Clinic

85 Portland Street, London, W1W 7LT


I agree to share care with Dr Gordon including her making necessary adjustments to medications for patients seen at The London Resilience Clinic.

Monitoring requirements

  • Patients to book and progress be assessed by GP with a validated rating scale minimum of every 3 months  while stable.
  • In the case of side effects, change to health or symptoms occurs in patient must book a visit sooner. 
  • The patients must receive full information pack about the medication to permit safe management including benefits and potential side effects and relevant contact details.
  • The patient must be informed of his/her responsibility to book and attend monitoring appointments and contact healthcare professionals in case of side effects.

Clinician: Prof Mike Barnes  GMC 2375407

Date: 28 Nov 2023