Nutrined Butyflam Coated (180 Capsules)


Nutrined Butyflam Coated is a food supplement that renews the function of the intestinal barrier based on sodium butyrate.

It is effective in neuroinflammation, immune modulation (T reg + IL-10 anti-inflammatory), as well as is effective in restoring and remodeling the gastrointestinal tract. Recommended in gastrointestinal disorders that cause inflammation or significant deterioration of the mucous membranes and villi of the intestine.

What is sodium butyrate?

It is a short-chain fatty acid produced by gut bacteria through the fermentation of indigestible fibers. Butyflam Coated provides bioavailable levels of butyrate in our intestines to ensure immune tolerance and prevent excessive inflammation or autoimmune reactions.


Butyrate 500 mg